Sequoiasoft - Acoompagnement et assistance logiciel hotelier

The Sequoiasoft Charter


Our mission

Our mission is to optimise the working processes of hospitality, restaurant and wellness professionals so as to maximise their performances.

Our objective

Our objective is to satisfy our clients, with whom we foster relationships based on trust, loyalty and esteem, every day.

Our values

We do our utmost on a daily basis to make sure the word ‘work’ assumes its full value, giving us a sense of responsibility, social recognition and personal fulfilment.

We advocate honesty, integrity and ethical practice. With our solutions, we are proud to contribute to the development and organisation of stays, restaurants and leisure activities for thousands of people, and to participate in the local and national economy through the jobs created in the process.

Our company is founded upon the respect, responsibility, recognition, fulfilment and merit of its team members.

Optimism and a smile.
Always challenging ourselves to improve our expertise, reactivity, adaptability and service quality.
Aiming high, thinking big, encouraging innovation.