How do I make use of alternative offers to boost sales with Resalys? Do you want to boost your sales and guide your customers in booking their stays? The possibilities are endless with alternative proposal rules in Resalys.


How do I make use of alternative offers to boost sales with Resalys?

Your concern: you want to boost your sales and guide your customers in booking their stays.

Our solution: alternative proposal rules in Resalys software.

The principle is this: to propose something extra, something more than their initial search.

This extremely simple feature allows you to make the following kinds of suggestions to your online clientele:

  • alternative stay dates if you wish to orient sales towards a week that’s less in demand.
  • a different type of accommodation: your visitor chooses accommodation for 4 people, so you suggest that they book a 6-person accommodation for increased comfort.
  • another basic product: you offer a package deal including other product items, alongside the standard rate. As a result, the average shopping cart contains more items at checkout.
  • a new establishment: you open a new set of holiday rents in a seaside resort that’s not yet well-known to your clientele. You want it to appear among the stays offered when the customer searches for other seaside resorts in the same area.

Creating an alternative proposal rule

In Resalys, go into Settings > Yield management > Alternative proposal rules to create a new rule.

Alternative proposal rules act upon the proposal of stays to the customer. They can be set at the beginning of a sales campaign, or during the campaign as and when you need.

As with most yield rules, it’s a good idea to start by filling in the rule application fields, which define the context and conditions of the yield rule application (dates, destinations, contract folders, etc.):

  • Name (optional): name your newly created yield rule, for internal purposes.
  • Active rule (required): tick this box to activate the yield rule.
  • Test mode (optional): tick this box if you wish to test the rule application before bringing it into effect.
  • Sales campaign (required): from the drop-down list, select the campaign to be subject to the rule.
  • Property selection mode: you can choose to use the list of property records to select which properties will be subject to the rule (default mode), or you can select by accommodation characteristics.
    If you opt to use the property list, you must then select the applicable properties below.
    If you choose to select properties by characteristic(s), you must then add and/or exclude accommodation characteristics.
  • Contract folders to include (required): define which contract folders are subject to the yield rule.
  • Application dates (required): booking records must be created between the application start and end dates for the yield rule to apply. The end date is not included.
  • Arrival/departure dates (required): the stay must fall between the chosen arrival and departure dates for the rule to apply. For example, if you enter the dates 07/03 to 14/03, then all stays starting Saturday 07/03 (arrival day) and ending Saturday 14/03 (departure day) will be subject to the rule.
  • Booking mode (required): tick the booking modes to be subject to the rule: Guaranteed, Allotment and/or Free sales bookings.
  • Workspace (optional): you have the option to limit the application of an alternative proposal rule to either the CRS or PMS workspace.

To refine your rule, you can define alternative proposal sub-rules.

You can find everything you need to know about alternative proposal management in the Resalys online user manual.