Osmose Spa testimonial: Nymphéa spa software

Osmose Spa, Crowne Plaza Liège Sandra Tans, Spa Manager

When a spa opens, its operational and financial success does not solely depend on controlling the initial investment cost.

It is also essential to consider the spa’s potential and ability to evolve in response to the competition, clients’ expectations, the environment, etc. We met Sandra Tans, Spa Manager at the 5-star urban resort Crown Plaza Liège “les Comtes de Méan”:

Finding the appropriate spa appointment software isn’t an easy task and yet it’s such an important factor for the success of both hotel and day spas, and a necessity when this type of business is being created. Our first preoccupation was to find a single solution to manage both our areas: Osmose Spa and Osmose Fitness. We also wanted our future client data to be easily accessed by an integrated marketing tool for targeted campaigns. Installing a powerful software capable of optimising daily schedules and improving occupancy was of utmost importance…

Nymphéa’s advanced scheduling feature immediately convinced us, and was in fact the only one we came across during our research. Practitioners’ individual schedules, the availability of treatment rooms, specific skill requirements and equipment needs for a treatment are all taken into account in order to optimise our resources. Nymphéa is a management tool capable of handling all aspects and requirements that a wellness establishment might face. Everything is made easier: booking confirmations, intuitive scheduling and resource availability, payments, customer loyalty programmes, retail, stock management, business reports, promotional campaigns, gift certificates etc.

Témoignage Osmose Spa : logiciel Nymphéa Spa

We trust Nymphéa blindly when it comes to planning. We’re sure to provide our clients with the best time slot for their reservation and guarantee them a zero-stress experience in our Osmose centre.

Nymphéa: a vital investment for your spa management and development

Nymphéa provides us with a large range of statistics so we can implement a proper marketing strategy that addresses our clients’ specific expectations, through targeted SMS and e-mailing campaigns for example. Last but not least, the client database is well conceived, especially in terms of profiling which allows us to better serve the client and personalise our services even more. Of course a certain time is required to process the information and decide how best to use the data collected.

Having a spa has become a ‘must’ for the entire hotel industry, from palaces to mid-range hotels.

We’ve observed that consumers have taken a keen interest in turnkey packages that offer a ‘complete’ experience: hotel, spa, gastronomy and culture within a very short timespan. This type of offer has therefore become our priority and implies working on achieving optimal inter-service management. In a dynamic and increasingly competitive environment, we must adopt a marketing strategy that promotes the precise positioning of our Osmose wellness concept whilst meeting the expectations of our targeted customers. The focus will be on defining a realistic concept which can accommodate both our objectives and our profit aims. Nymphéa has been designed with this in mind and therefore meets spa managers’ expectations perfectly, both with regards to management and business development.