Témoignage Nymphéa logiciel gestion thalassothérapie

Thalazur Jean-Luc PLEUVRY, Director of Operations

Back when they were being bought up one by one, the Centres that make up today’s Thalazur group were not all equipped with management software. It was important then to invest in one single solution, to manage all sites in a homogeneous and centralised way, to facilitate information sharing and control measures. Especially as the company intended to set up a central reservation system to access all connected sites in real time, meaning that all the required interfaces had to work in the same way.

Nymphéa, which was already used in Royan and La Rochelle at the time, was found to be to the entire satisfaction of directors and users alike, who, appreciative of its ergonomics and features, had adopted the tool and its appeal wholeheartedly. Ever since, Nymphéa has become the basis of all the group’s client operations, from pre-arrival to the departure of spa-goers, and all throughout their stay.

Témoignage Nymphéa logiciel gestion thalassothérapie

With Nymphéa, no other solution is needed for thalassotherapy client management. It saves time and makes us more efficient.

We reckon our teams only use the software to 30-40% of its capabilities. In order to push the management of our Centres to an even higher level, we’re seriously thinking about planning annual training courses.

About Thalazur

Rhyming thalassotherapy with service and dexterity…

Marine expertise, know-how, professionalism, authenticity, innovation and human values are all in Thalazur’s locker, making the group a major player in thalassotherapy.

Thalazur owns 8 thalassotherapy centres scattered along France’s 3 coasts. With these 8 destinations, Thalazur offers an extensive geographic choice, while guaranteeing the same quality of treatments and services throughout its diverse range.