Testimonial: Nymphéa thermal bath management software

Thermes de Néris-les-Bains Bertrand Bloyer, Deputy Director at Thermes de Néris-les-Bains

We chose Nymphéa in order to manage all our thermal-based medical activities as well as our Les Nériades wellness centre using just one software application. The reputation and efficiency of the software, and the reactivity of the Sequoiasoft teams were determining factors too. In addition, Nymphéa is much better suited and more effective than our previous software when it comes to managing our thermal activities and wellness centre.

Our teams are now well used to it and master the new tool perfectly. Now we’re going to dedicate ourselves to opening our Les Nériades wellness centre, run using Nymphéa of course. 


About Thermes de Néris-les-Bains

Thermes de Néris-les-Bains received 7541 patients for medical cures in 2010. This puts Néris-les-Bains in 1st place out of all the Allier resorts, ahead of Vichy; 2nd in Auvergne; and 19th among all the resorts in France. Attendance at the Thermal centre has increased by nearly 40% over 10 years, equivalent to 2100 extra therapy clients, and the centre employs 120 people.

Though its main activity is medical treatment, the resort also offers wellness activities with its Les Nériades wellness centre.