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ADN-Informatique becomes Sequoiasoft Same team, more ambitious aims to boost your activity


As a specialist management software company for the hospitality and wellness industries with its solutions Homing and Nymphéa, ADN-Informatique gradually cemented its partnership with Softbooking, and this association has finally resulted in the creation of parent brand Sequoiasoft.

After 35 years of activity, ADN-Informatique becomes Sequoiasoft, and broadens its horizons to become a leading group in the management and booking software market for hotels and accommodation, restaurants and wellness centres.

With the merger of ADN-Informatique and Softbooking – and with the acquisition of the hotel and restaurant solutions developed by the Cegid group – Sequoiasoft now offers the broadest range of management software in the hospitality industry.


Sequoiasoft - logiciel gestion hôtel

Technological expertise in 4 industries


Sequoiasoft is a committed company that accompanies both small independent structures and large groups in the hospitality, restaurant and wellness industries. Our goal is to facilitate the customer experience and save you time so you can focus on your core business: hospitality.  

Sequoiasoft is constantly innovating and investing in updating and upgrading our solutions. To find out more, take a look at our news page.


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