E-Nymphea: online booking for spa appointment

E-Nymphea The premier online booking solution for spas connected to Nymphea


Market your treatments on your website, directly and independently 

Directly linked to Nymphea, the management software for wellness centres and spas, E-Nymphea allows you to increase your business activity thanks to online reservations.

Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this service enables clients to book treatments & rituals and sell your gift vouchers with secure online payment.

Because it is synchronised with Nymphea, bookings are automatically saved in your Spa schedule, in real time. As well as managing your schedule efficiently, E-Nymphea automatically updates your clients' loyalty points, billing and the statistics associated with your business activity.

E-Nymphea includes an e-commerce platform to promote your special offers, manage your clients and win their loyalty in the long term.

The most advanced spa booking platform on the market:


    Customisable, multilingual website that highlights new services

    Publishing of special offers online

    Personalised gift vouchers

    Connectivity with social media

  • BOOK

    Quick, simple, intuitive booking, accessible 24/7 from a smartphone, tablet or PC

    Booking of treatments and rituals

    Booking confirmation by e-mail

  • SELL

    Secure online payment

    Reduction in "no-shows" thanks to online payment

    Alternative offers when a time slot is unavailable


    Automatic synchronisation with Nymphea

    Real-time recording of bookings in the Nymphea schedule. Double-booking avoidance checks

    Automatic update of client cards, billing, and more


    Shared client file with Nymphea

    Centralised loyalty management with Nymphea

    Online client area