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Our references

Over 4000 hotels, restaurants, spas and other businesses have already put their faith in us. You can find their testimonials here.


  • Les Brasseries Paul Bocuse - Références Sequoiasoft

    Brasseries Bocuse

    The Brasseries Bocuse in Lyon strengthen their day-to-day running with Sequoiasoft.

  • Lenôtre - Référence Sequoiasoft


    La Maison Lenôtre, founded in 1957, manages all its boutiques using Sequoiasoft software.

  • Buffalo Grill - Sequoiasoft reference

    Buffalo Grill

    On top of its centralised till system, this solution offers plenty of features for restaurant chains: centralised purchasing and stock management, analyses…

  • Hôtels Beaumanière - Référence Sequoiasoft PMS

    Baumanière les Baux-de-Provence

    Les Maisons Baumanière manage 56 rooms divided between 5 separate buildings, as well as 3 restaurants, using Sequoiasoft PMS.

  • CGH Résidences - Sequoiasoft reference


    CGH Résidences offers exceptional apartments to rent in the French Alps using Resalys.

  • Dalloyau - Référence Sequoiasoft CBP


    The famous Dalloyau business has chosen Sequoiasoft to centralise its boutique management.

  • Madame Vacances - Référence Sequoiasoft

    Madame Vacances

    Madame Vacances has not stopped growing since its creation; today it offers more than 84 destinations and a capacity of around 35,000 beds.

  • Tahopi camping et résidences - Référence Sequoiasoft


    Tohapi offers a choice of over 200 camping destinations in France, Spain and Italy. That’s more than 21,000 pitches marketed and managed using Resalys.

  • Cinq Mondes - Référence Sequoiasoft

    Cinq Mondes

    In terms of management tools, NYMPHEA is the most suited to an expert spa brand such as CINQ MONDES. In fact, we recommend it to all our partners.

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