logiciel gestion commercialisation camping

Campsites Our marketing and management software solutions for outdoor accommodation and campsite professionals, groups and independent sites.

“Tailor-made” solutions for the camping and outdoor accommodation industry, suited to both independent and group-owned sites.

Designing marketing and management software for the outdoor accommodation industry is a core skill of the Sequoiasoft Group. We are constantly innovating to offer ever more powerful tools to help you manage and expand your campsites.

Our management software lets you manage all your activities from A to Z, from online booking to check-out, managing overnight stays and events, and restaurant and wellness services along the way.

We understand that no two campsites are the same. With your help we build a tailor-made tool to meet your needs, reflecting both your business strategy and the specific challenges of your profession.

And because independent campsites and campsite groups don’t have the same needs, Sequoiasoft offers two solutions: Resalys and eSeason, adapted to each challenge.

Already over 2000 campsites use our software every day… Why don’t you?