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Our references

Over 7000 hotels, restaurants, spas and other businesses have already put their faith in us. You can find their testimonials here.


  • Aplus Tourisme et Spa - Référence Sequoiasoft

    Aplus Tourisme & Spa

    Sequoiasoft simplified exchanges and transfers between the spa and the hotel, and we're more efficient as a result.

  • Hôtel Brise de Mer choisit le logiciel hôtelier Sequoiasoft

    Hotel Brise de Mer

    The Hotel Brise de Mer is located in Saint Raphaël, France. It is equipped with our Winhôtel solution.

  • Biarritz Thalasso Resort - Référence Sequoiasoft

    Biarritz Thalasso Resort

    Sequoiasoft software immediately resulted in greater communication between services, coordination, exchange, and, as a result, efficiency.

  • pms homing Campo di Mare porto vecchio

    Campo Di Mare

    Outdoor accommodation located in Porto-Vecchio, Corsica, powered by Homing PMS.

  • Relais 500 Hôtel - Référence Sequoiasoft

    Relais 500

    Winhôtel is very clear. The schedule is very important; it's simple, user-friendly and functional. I can do what I like with a booking.

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  • Témoignage Sequoiasoft : Hôtel Le Dahu Morzine

    Hôtel Le Dahu

    It's hotel software that's almost fun, actually. When we discovered it, it was kind of like a relief for us!

  • Bouygues - Référence Sequoiasoft PMS


    The 32 Hoche building, Head Office of the Bouygues Group, manages its business centre and meeting rooms using Sequoiasoft software.