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Relais 500 Oliver Courant, Director of Relais 500, a Logis affiliate

Online distribution mastered

Since acquiring the hotel software Winhôtel in 2006, I directly bring in 11% more bookings thanks to online booking. In just under a year, this feature has given us excellent exposure on the web. We save so much time, because the bookings arrive directly in our schedule, in just the right place, all by themselves.

Finally, Winhôtel carries on working when we’re closed. When we arrive at work, we see new bookings and the schedule is all up to date. And if ever the internet is down, there’s a re-syncing mode and the bookings taken by the central reservation system are systematically duplicated by fax. It’s a surefire solution.

Foolproof hotel schedule

Winhôtel is a very clear hotel software. The schedule is very important, and this is simple, user-friendly and functional. I can do what I like with a booking: move it, shorten the length of stay, deal with deposits, bill customers, take payment, etc. My work becomes really flexible!

About Relais 500

Olivier Courant is one of those hoteliers who have always used information technology in their establishment. The family-run hotel, Relais 500 de Vienne, a Logis hotel from the start, boasts 36 rooms, all of which have been managed in the IT system since 1988.