Témoignage Winhôtel logiciel de gestion pour hôtels

Tournier Group Valérie Mansis, General Manager of the 5* Hotel Saint Roch in Courchevel

The Tournier Group equips 6 of its hotels with Winhôtel and Winrestau software

The Tournier Group, a historic family business dealing in luxury hospitality and dining, has opted for Winhôtel and Winrestau to run its hotels in Courchevel: the Saint Roch, the Saint Joseph and the Hotel Tournier (formerly the Paddock); and its Saint Amour hotel in Saint Tropez.

The winning solution for Saint Roch

 “The move from running the Hotel Saint Roch manually to computerised management using Winhôtel and Winrestau gave us an overview of our activities, knowledge of our guests, commercial analyses, controls, indicators, dashboards, genuine help with decision-making, and monitoring of our business. Flexibility, efficiency and the ease with which we got to grips with the product were decisive factors in the subsequent equipping of our other establishments”.

“Winhôtel and Winrestau are perfectly suited to our needs and the diversity and particular features of our hotels. Above all, we appreciate their ease of use, both in their setup and in their daily use by our teams, making it quick and easy to get started.
The interfaces are user-friendly, the control messages guide the user and make the system highly intuitive, and this saves us a lot of time when training staff.”

Témoignage Winhôtel logiciel de gestion pour hôteliers

Proven sales optimisation

“The quality and robustness of Winhôtel and Winrestau software are to be highlighted as well. We’ve never had any problems with certain functions not working properly or unreliable results linked to our different hotels. We’ve chosen to use identical settings and standardised reports between all our establishments so we can carry out analyses and comparisons with maximum ease and efficiency.”

“In the past, we weren’t able to fill our hotels as well as we could have, because we were unaware of potential sources of guests that might book rooms at our establishments. Now, with Winhôtel, we keep track of all booking requests, channels and sources, and guest profiles. This means we can identify demand from guests, fine-tune our offers and fill up our rooms.”

“The automatic pricing module gives us judicious control over our rates, which become flexible and adaptable according to the period, season and even the guest, giving us greater control while avoiding billing errors. The clear, detailed schedule offers many possibilities in terms of available actions. The reports are explicit, the statistics legible, and the ensemble is complemented with graphical representations.”

 “The link with Winrestau is also an advantage for hotel guests’ restaurant billing. The advantages offered by these solutions save us time; they give us a useful commercial activity analysis, control over our establishments, and decision-making elements. They also help us direct our different activities, and, overall, they contribute to our group’s development.”

“What I really appreciate is the transfer of my Courchevel hotel databases to my laptop, which we take to Saint-Tropez so we can keep taking bookings when our mountain hotels are closed, and vice versa – so simple, such a bonus!”

“Carrying on equipping our establishments with Winhôtel and Winrestau software is definitely the best recommendation I can make to colleagues – like we did the Saint Pères, a 4* hotel in Montagnole near Chambéry, which has a dozen rooms, restaurant and bar, with Winhôtel and Winrestau software that is especially suited to small hotels and hotel groups like ours.”

About the Tournier Group

Since 1948 when the very first Tournier establishment was created – even during its development – the Group has always differentiated itself through its philosophy and technique. The Group now boasts luxury hotels, restaurants and night clubs in Courchevel, Saint-Tropez and Chambéry, France; and Bali, Indonesia.