Témoignage winrestau logiciel encaissement pour restaurant

La Fontaine Gaillon Aurore Sabonadier

Service built on real-time information

“We were looking for a solution that was capable of managing inventories and cellar stock in real time, as well as taking orders and payment from our clients. Our Head Waiter strongly recommended Winrestau, an application that he’d benefitted from previously in other well-established restaurants.”

 “The restaurant welcomes over 200 clients every day and, since December 2004, has a seafood outlet just opposite called l’Écaille de la Fontaine, specialising in oyster and shellfish tasting”, explains Aurore Sabonadier. Installed on the till computer in the dining room, Winrestau is now used every day for printing orders and billing clients.

“Orders taken in the dining room are entered directly into the application and dispatched to the three printers located in the kitchen (for dishes and desserts) and at the bar (for drinks). The tickets issued are used to prepare the order and take payment.”

Témoignage winrestau logiciel encaissement pour restaurant

“The billing system allows you to manage menus and extras in great detail. The module handles multiple payments and gives you close control over transactions. At the end of service, it’s really easy to issue a quick report, with the bill sheet and cash book, which tells us the number of covers served, the type of item sold, total payments taken or any cancellations there might have been.”

At La Fontaine Gaillon, Winrestau is also used to manage purchases and cellar stock. “The restaurant has a wine cellar containing over a hundred grand cru labels. The application allows us to instantly take into account any stock movements. Stock depletion is calculated in real time with a direct link to the billing system. Each time we receive a goods delivery, we can very easily control the stock inventory as well.”

After three years of use, the results are very positive

“Winrestau helped us eliminate all the order-related errors in the kitchen and save precious time billing our clients. The menu settings allow you to make quick changes to menus, which is particularly useful in an establishment like ours where the dishes change every day.”

“With the statistics offered by the application, it’s very easy to obtain the traditional restaurant figures: number of covers, sales per service, etc. But we also have more specific analyses that let you create a records table per waiting staff member or per service, for example, or issue a cross-analysis table with billing or payment lines. All the data is presented in a very clear way, in the form of a dynamic list or a graph. As a result, it’s far easier to orientate our management”, beams Aurore Sabonadier.


About La Fontaine Gaillon

In the heart of Paris, between the Opéra and the Palais Royal, La Fontaine Gaillon is a popular address for fine French food. Its owner, actor Gérard Depardieu, has entrusted its management to Laurent Audiot, former chef at the highly reputable Marius et Janette. The restaurant employs 28 members of staff and serves 200 covers every day. The clientele can choose to dine in five distinctive rooms or on the terrace. The wine cellar contains over a hundred grands cru labels, from around twenty suppliers.