HR Brunel testimonial: Winhôtel, Winrestau

Brunel Group Christophe Brunel, Founder and Manager of the three Brunel hotels

The Brunel family was looking for a software tool that’s simple, reliable and standardised for its three hotel-restaurants. Christophe Brunel wanted to centralise the booking schedules of its three establishments: “Thanks to Winhôtel, we can consult the three schedules from any of our sites.”

Optimised online booking

The online booking option was introduced gradually. It was first deployed at the Rocher Blanc, then later at the other two hotels. Guests can book online, and the staff of any one of the three hotel-restaurants can add guests and even take bookings for the two others.

“On the restaurant side of things, Winrestau is very functional,” sums up the hotelier. “In fact, we’re always using it to issue bar and cellar tabs, and kitchen orders too. It makes our service far smoother and increases the availability of our waiting staff. The new menu management system guides us when taking orders and avoids any forgotten dishes.” At the Rocher Blanc, the team also uses the Stocks module, which lets them manage stock in and stock out of the bar and cellar with ease.

A communication and promotion tool

“In the coming months, the role of the software will grow and grow,” adds Christophe Brunel, who wishes to start using other features of the two software tools. “We’re going to introduce the client database,” he explains. “We’ll send out newsletters, for example. It’s good for encouraging customer loyalty.” In the long term, one single website will be interfaced with Winhôtel to centralise the three Brunel Group hotels, to showcase their establishments, display availabilities and record bookings. “It will also be used as a tool for communicating with our clientèle and promoting certain products and services.”

About the Brunel Group

In the heart of the Massif Central mountain range in France, where the regions of Lozère, Cantal and Aveyron meet, Christophe Brunel has built his trio of hotel-restaurants with original and innovative charm. “Be prepared to challenge conventional wisdom”, states the Brunel Group website, and quite rightly; for you wouldn’t normally expect to find an Arabian Nights or Maasai-themed hotel room just a few hundred metres from the spring waters of Chaudes-Aigues and the Gorges de la Truyère…