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Our references

Over 7000 hotels, restaurants, spas and other businesses have already put their faith in us. You can find their testimonials here.


  • Les Brasseries Paul Bocuse - Références Sequoiasoft

    Brasseries Bocuse

    The Brasseries Bocuse in Lyon strengthen their day-to-day running with Sequoiasoft.

  • Lenôtre - Référence Sequoiasoft


    La Maison Lenôtre, founded in 1957, manages all its boutiques using Sequoiasoft software.

  • Hôtels Beaumanière - Référence Sequoiasoft PMS

    Baumanière les Baux-de-Provence

    Les Maisons Baumanière manage 56 rooms divided between 5 separate buildings, as well as 3 restaurants, using Sequoiasoft PMS.

  • Dalloyau - Référence Sequoiasoft CBP


    The famous Dalloyau business has chosen Sequoiasoft to centralise its boutique management.

  • Clos des cimes Regis & jacques marcon - Référence Sequoiasoft

    Clos des Cîmes

    Régis and Jacques Marcon have chosen Sequoiasoft to centralise their hotel, restaurant and spa management.

  • Maison Tournier - Référence Sequoiasoft

    Tournier Group

    Above all, we appreciate the ease of use of Winhôtel and Winrestau, both in their settings and their daily use.

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  • La Tour d'Argent - Référence Sequoiasoft

    La Tour d'Argent

    Our Sequoiasoft POS tool has become indispensable to this emblematic Parisian restaurant.

  • Hôtel Alta Peyra - Référence Sequoiasoft

    Hotel Alta Peyra

    The Hotel Alta Peyra overlooks St Veran, offering its guests a permanent panorama over the peaks of the High Alps.

  • Restaurant L'Auberge de L'ill - Référence Sequoiasoft

    Auberge de l'Ill

    The Auberge de l'Ill, a three-star restaurant for over 45 years, manages its services using Sequoiasoft POS software.