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Our references

Over 7000 hotels, restaurants, spas and other businesses have already put their faith in us. You can find their testimonials here.


  • vacances-bleues

    Vacances Bleues

    Vacances Bleues represents over 140 destinations, in Clubs, Resorts or Hotels in France and elsewhere.

  • la lune de mougins gestion hotel winhotel

    La Lune de Mougins

    This 3* hotel in Mougins on the French Riviera is powered by Winhôtel and Winrestau.

  • Yacht Club Monaco - Référence Sequoiasoft

    Yacht Club de Monaco

    Yacht Club de Monaco organises many sporting events: Monaco Classic Week, Fête de la Mer, corporate regattas and more.

  • Hôtel le Lana - Référence Sequoiasoft

    Hotel Le Lana

    Hotel Le Lana in Courcheval 1850 entrusts its management to Winhôtel software.

  • Hotel Saint Roc - Référence Sequoiasoft

    Hotel Saint Roch

    Above all we appreciate Winhôtel and Winrestau's ease of use, both in their setup and in their daily use.

  • La Mère Brazier - Référence Sequoiasoft Restaurant

    La Mère Brazier

    This thoroughly established restaurant in Lyon puts its faith in Sequoiasoft for managing its inventories and purchases.

  • L'assiette Champenoise - Référence Sequoiasoft hôtel-restaurant

    L’Assiette Champenoise

    Arnaud Lallement has chosen Sequoiasoft to manage its 5-star, family-run hotel-restaurant in the heart of the Champagne region.

  • thermes-de-la-lechere

    Thermes de la Léchère

    Sequoiasoft centralises the management of Thermes de la Léchère's thermal centre, spa, restaurant, hotel and residential complex.

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  • Hôtel Les Cormettes - Référence Sequoiasoft

    Hotel Les Cornettes

    The Logis-listed, 3-star hotel-restaurant Les Cornettes optimises its management using Sequoiasoft software.