spa management software

Nymphea neo The 360° management software for all spa, thalassotherapy, thermal and wellness activities


Management of establishments

  • Multicompany
  • Multisite
  • Multi profit centers
  • Multi-business (thalassotherapy, thermal baths and Spa)

Turnover management

  • Daily turnover breakdown
  • Turnover excluding VAT and including VAT

Product management

  • Management of all your services: treatments, packages, cures, subscriptions and shop
  • Store and cabin inventory management
  • Management of sales products common to several profit centers

Schedule management

  • Multi-resource (therapists, cabins, equipment)
  • Multi-skill possible for all resources
  • Mass planning in the same time slot
  • Planning assistance: intelligent proposals to fill free slots, semi-automatic planning, mass moving of appointments, etc.
  • Customizable filters: day or period schedule, schedules, resources, sectors, etc.
  • Management of reception and reservation quotas

Management of baskets and folders

  • Manage a basket for your walk-in sales
  • Multi-payer and multi-consumer basket and folder

Group management

  • Possibility of mass planning
    Company invoicing

Customer management

  • Waiting list management
  • No-show management
  • Sending emails and text messages (individually, in bulk, automated, etc.)
  • Management of tariff categories
  • Opt-in and observations by profit centre
  • Satisfaction surveys with QUALITELIS

Functional benefits

  • Internal messaging
  • Visual activity widgets (occupancy rate, seller performance, etc.)
  • Management of gift voucher types (different validity periods, sales options, etc.)
  • Automatic integration of gift vouchers sold on your website
  • Access control and ticketing
  • Hotel PMS interface
  • User rights by profit center

Statistics and BI

  • Lists and statistics: till sheet, unpaid invoices, gift voucher tracking, sales statistics, etc.
  • And to go further, the BI E-AXESS module interfaced with Nymphea neo