Sequoiasoft - spécialiste logiciels de gestion et pms hôteliers

Winhôtel neo The software that meets the challenges of the independent hotel business


User-friendly schedule

  • Colour-coded display for online bookings, confirmations, arrivals, allotments, deposits, bills, unavailabilities and more…
  • Simple drag-and-drop system for room changes.
  • Length of stay easily modified by expanding or retracting the reservation box.
  • Individual or group room booking.
  • Multi-schedule management for different facilities: guest rooms, events rooms, car parks, spa, treatment rooms and more…
  • Notifications for unconfirmed booking files, outstanding tasks, online bookings.
  • Confirmation template letters, modifiable in Word©, or direct automated e-mail confirmation.
  • Room change assistant available on the schedule page.

Fast billing

  • Touch-screen billing for hotel and restaurant services in establishments with one point of sale.
  • Editing of bills: free text, condensed, divided, and more…
  • Extras management.
  • Full, partial and multiple payment collection.
  • Debtor management.
  • End of stay process, checking, close-out, archiving.
  • Option to link up with Winrestau for more significant restaurant activity.
  • Option to transfer Nymphéa charges to the rooms in Winhôtel.

Online booking

  • Partnerships with ReservIt©, D-EDGE©, Travelclick©, Novaresa, eRevMax© and Siteminder© mean guaranteed better performance. 
  • Online publication of availabilities on central reservation systems or on the hotel website, directly from the schedule page.
  • Option to synchronise all availabilities using the Full Online feature.
  • Online bookings directly added to the schedule.
  • Guest contact details automatically added to the guest file.
  • Automatic notification as soon as an online booking arrives.
  • Publication of prices with a pricing grid.
  • Secure receipt and storage of encrypted bank card numbers.
  • Opening or closing of different distribution channels using the Channel Management function.
  • Soon to be opened onto the other online booking platforms in the market.

Optimised management

  • Refined dashboard analysis with additional reports such as “explanation of sales figure, payments, debtors and accounting balance”.
  • Handling of the sales figure over a given period by product family.
  • Debtor management with reminder messages generated in Word©.
  • Breakdown of different payment methods and cashing up.
  • Management of deposits that are not charged to a bill.
  • Multiple check reports.
  • Close-out procedure.

Business statistics

  • Guest records: bills, booking files, “no-shows”, etc.
  • Graphical representation split into the guest’s different consumption categories (bar, accommodation, board, etc.).
  • Distribution of the sales figure, average price, etc. per guest category.
  • Graphical representation of distribution, breakdown, sales figure comparison, room type, nationality, RevPAR, occupancy rate and more…
  • Export of lists in Excel© format.
  • Analysis of bookings by channel (Web, direct, etc.) and booking method.

 Sequoiasoft Mobile application

  • Application available on the Apple store (compatible with iPhone and iPad), specially developed for managers on the move.
  • Consultation of statistics and notifications, and key indicators such as the sales figure, occupancy rate and booking forecast.

Guest file / cardex

  • Consultation of all guests sorted by category (agency, individual, supplier, coach operator, group, etc.) or by type (Tour Operator, company, individual).
  • Collection of e-mail address, phone No. and guest comments as soon as the booking is submitted.
  • Quick search according to multiple criteria (name, phone No., category, etc.).
  • Targeted mailing according to adjustable criteria (loyalty card, seasonal, leisure, etc.).

Automatic pricing (optional extra)

  • Customisation of prices based on the period, season, guest category and nature of the stay.
  • Display of different prices corresponding to the criteria selected when booking.
  • Update of the price when a booking overlaps onto more than one period.
  • Creation of templates (quote, pro forma invoice).

Accounting export module (optional extra)

  • Account entry.
  • Journal entry.
  • Export of data to various accounting software programmes.