eden villages crs pms logiciel resalys gestion camping

Eden Villages Coralie Démarez, Accounts Manager for Eden Villages

Eden Villages camping group uses Resalys software

Eden Villages has chosen Resalys and its built-in CRS + PMS features to run its campsites and central reservation service.

“The fact that Resalys is a fully web-based application, with Yield rule management and automated working processes (mailing, direct debit, etc.), these were all decisive features for us when making our choice of software to aid our development,” highlights Coralie Démarez, Accounts Manager for Eden Villages.

eden village resalys logiciel gestion camping

“For a campsite group, a feature like the multi-site report is very useful. With Resalys, we can also consult and handle data from any location. It’s a real plus for our management.”

About Eden Villages

Eden Villages is a group of campsites, each set in ideal locations along the Atlantic coast between the Basque Country and Brittany.