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Partnership - 29/11/2019

Sequoiasoft to partner the first Hospitality Lab, a hub of innovation dedicated to the hotel of tomorrow

Hospitality Lab

In March 2020, the very first Hospitality Lab will be unveiled on the campus of Ecole Ferrières in Ferrières-en-Brie, near Paris: a place dedicated to the future of hospitality, in which Sequoiasoft will play an active part as PMS partner with its fully web-based hotel management software, Asterio! 

As well as a demonstration and exhibition area hosted by industry professionals, 3000 m² will be consecrated to research and development, studies, teaching and project consultancy... on one of the most prestigious Hospitality, Gastronomy and Luxury campuses in Europe.

Behind the Ecole Ferrières, home of the Hospitality Lab, is the Accelis group, the first service company specialising in hospitality, and now a major player in hospitality, catering, education, innovation, multi-services and real estate in France.

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Sequoiasoft, Asterio confirm their place in the hotel of tomorrow

Three key factors have enabled Sequoiasoft to take part in the Hospitality Lab:

  • the flexibility and innovative nature of its multi-business and 100% cloud-based solution, Asterio
  • the fact that it's 100% "Made in France"
  • the Sequoiasoft Education programme, taught in numerous hospitality schools.

It's important to have a player like Asterio at the Hospitality Lab.

Pierre-Yves Le Gal, Hospitality Lab Project Manager, can attest to this:

"It's important to have a player like Asterio at the Hospitality Lab. Firstly, it's an opportunity to bring on board a component who's able to fit into a global project, who'll take an active part in discussions with other partners (channel managers, lock systems, IT services, WiFi etc.). Secondly, it's important that the Lab offers a varied PMS range suited to all types of projects. All too often the choice of PMS is made at random, and sometimes based on the wrong criteria. That's where the Hospitality Lab consultants think they can help in choosing the right tools. Finally, it's essential to make the students at Ferrières and Ecole 89 aware of shifts in technology, new expectations from customers in terms of their journey, going paperless and going digital. So being able to talk to a team like Asterio is a real advantage."

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A Sequoiasoft showroom at the gates of the French capital

With this partnership, Sequoiasoft gains precious proximity to its Parisian clients and prospects, as the Hospitality Lab is located just 45 minutes' train ride from Paris-Gare-de-Lyon.

Asterio will be demonstrated "live" in the two product and service presentation areas: the concept store and experimental hotel rooms.

This superb partnership confirms Sequoiasoft's contribution to innovation in France and strengthens Asterio's place in the hotel of tomorrow!