How can you get to know the clientele using Nymphéa spa software? Are you looking to make better use of your spa client file? Here are some good practices to help you get the best out of the Nymphéa client file features.


How can you get to know the clientele using Nymphéa spa software?

Your concern: you want to identify your clients more accurately and get the most out of your client file.

Our solution: Nymphéa spa software is endowed with a powerful client file.

Here are some good practices that will help you get the most out of the various features of the client file in Nymphéa spa software.

  • List all relevant information to identify your clientele and add mandatory criteria to client cards (e.g. how did you find out about us? What is your date of birth?).
  • Fill in the client cards carefully.
  • Note down observations in the client card. You can personalise the welcome your clients receive based on their preferences and habits.
  • Make sure your team take on board the importance of the client cards.
  • Check the validity of the client’s contact details each time they visit.
  • Think about satisfaction surveys that could be interfaced with Nymphéa spa software. Positive survey results can be published on your website and on social media automatically. Your clients can become your ambassadors.
    One post on social media is visible to around 130 people on average.
    Comments on your website have a positive influence on about 90 out of 100 clients who visit your site before making a purchase.
  • Perform targeted extractions from your client file for SMS and e-mail campaigns.

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