Sequoiasoft - Restaurant software developer

Winrestau The till software that meets the challenges of the independent restaurant business


Till functions

  • Intuitive touch-screen entry.
  • Server management by code or by Dallas key.
  • Display of table details.
  • Quick addition of items via a customisable window.
  • Colour-coded bill status (in progress, printed and settled, etc.).
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Sharing or splitting of bills.
  • Management of repeat customers and debtors.
  • Option to define up to 3 prices per item, as well as a “complimentary” mode.
  • Transfer of billing to Winhôtel, the hotel management software for independent hotels.
  • Payment management.
  • Real-time stock depletion in the Stocks module.
  • Editing of bills: free text, condensed, divided and more…
  • Extras management.
  • Full, partial and multiple payment collection.
  • Connection to an events diary.

Mobile order-taking (optional extra)

  • Ultra-robust, sealed unit designed for the restaurant industry.
  • Advantages of radio wave technology (up to 18 hours’ battery life, 50-metre range indoors and 300-metre range outdoors).
  • Quick, real-time order selection.
  • Courses, kitchen requests and order cancellations.
  • Issuing of receipts and archiving.
  • Payment with option to transfer to a room tab.

Service monitoring

  • Detailed order entry.
  • Advanced menu management (optional extra).
  • Monitoring of open, ongoing and closed-out tables.
  • Steps of service monitoring.
  • Display of waiting staff assigned to tables.

Kitchen printing (optional extra)

  • Partial or full order sending.
  • Possibility of sending orders to as many as 5 printing points.
  • Management of courses, kitchen requests and order cancellations.

Optimised management

  • Full dashboard for any period (day, week, month, etc.).
  • Detailed, real-time breakdown of sales and payments.
  • Issuing by point of sale, service, waiting staff member.
  • Statistics relating to consumption and payment methods.
  • Sales statistics and number of receipts per time period.
  • Graphical representations of overall sales (comparison, progression, etc.).
  • Order cancellation control (payments and billing items).
  • Issuing and reminder of outstanding bills.
  • Issuing of aged debtor balance.
  • Close-out procedure.


  • Sales statistics by service, waiting staff member, sales unit, group and revenue family.
  • Top sales records by family and time period.
  • Covers statistics by service, sales unit and day of the week.
  • Checkouts.
  • Export of lists to Excel©.

Management of customer accounts

  • Total receipts.
  • Issuing of monthly bills.
  • Payment follow-up.


  • Server authentication: classic (login and password) or magnetic key.
  • Customised printing (header, footer, content, logo, images, etc.) in different formats.
  • Customisation of buttons and tabs with pictograms or images.

 Stock module (optional extra)

  • Management of cellar and bar items.
  • Receipt of goods deliveries.
  • Inventory on a given date.
  • Off-line or real-time stock depletion.
  • Multi-supplier management.
  • This module also works with Winhôtel. 

Accounting export module (optional extra)

  • Account entry.
  • Journal entry.
  • Export of data to various accounting software programmes.