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Hot topics - 29/03/2018

4 digital tools to liven up your customer relationship

Dynamiser votre relation client hotel

Once you realise that conquering a new customer costs 5 times more than keeping hold of an existing customer, you get a good idea of just how important the customer relationship is. There are simple and effective tools to help your liven up your customer relationship. We've listed 4 such tools:

1. Transactional emails (confirmation, reminders, thank yous, etc.)

Did you know that transactional emails score the best open rates? When used well, they can be an asset in your customer relationship. It's all about interacting at the right time:

  • envoyez des emails transactionnels de confirmation de réservation séjourWhen confirming a booking: offer practical information and extra services available at your hotel. Your guests can prepare their stay without breaking a sweat.
  • The day before arrival: send a welcome message with a booking summary and practical information about getting to your hotel. Even better, you can include some recommendations on behalf of local partners and recommended tourist spots for which you've negotiated preferential rates in advance.
  • After check-out: this is the time to thank your guests for their stay and invite them to give a review.

Our hotel software enables you to manage your transactional messages with ease. You only need to assemble your messages and define the sending settings once, and they will be sent out to your customers automatically, after every booking, check-out, etc.

2. Loyalty cheques

Loyalty cheques are a great way of maintaining the customer relationship. It's an easy system to implement and can be automated in your management software. Once you have set up your loyalty cheque attribution rules, the turnover generated by your customers will be converted into loyalty cheques and automatically sent out by email.

3. Customer satisfaction surveys

No surprises here, customers are influenced by the opinions of other guests and take them into account when searching for a hotel.

It's possible to interface your hotel software with online satisfaction survey specialists. The process of emailing satisfaction surveys after your guests check out is automated. This means you can collect reviews and manage your online reputation in a simple way. You can choose which reviews you wish to share on your social media and website.

4. Extras and packages

Inform your customers right from the booking stage of the extras they can benefit from, such as restaurant and spa reservations, upgrades or even arrival the night before at a special rate. Extra products and services will not only generate revenue, they'll offer your clientèle a better quality of stay.

Do you want to make your customer relationship management easy, using your property management software?

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* Source: Experian's Transactional email report