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Hot topics - 21/01/2020

Asterio interfaces with Airbnb!

Asterio connecté à Airbnb

Asterio, the 100% cloud-based, multi-profession PMS for hotels, restaurants and soon for spas as well, is now interfaced with Airbnb to boost your online bookings! Our hotel clients can now connect to Airbnb, leader in short-term rentals, and collect the resulting bookings directly in their Asterio planner.

After a successful pilot phase at Le Petit Moulin du Rouvre, a beautiful site centred around a seventeenth century watermill, offering traditional rooms in parallel to more quirky accommodation in natural surroundings, all of which can be booked on Airbnb, this feature is now certified and ready to be installed at all our Asterio clients' properties!

Discover le Petit Moulin du Rouvre

Why connect Asterio to Airbnb?

Airbnb is the pioneer that managed to transform extra beds and spare rooms in private homes into a genuine source of revenue. This American success story, which started with three young men from San Francisco and an air-bed, now has over 80 million users in 191 countries... The first argument, then, is this priceless visibility and access to a vast customer base that's loyal to the platform.

What's more, you'll get a cancellation rate of less than 5%; a 15% commission rate; zero sign-up fees and zero obligation to Airbnb.

Airbnb has a no-allotment policy, which guarantees 100% control and flexibility for the property.

You can enjoy peace of mind too, because Airbnb guests and hosts are identified and verified thanks to a two-way review system. The payment methods are secure.

How do I get set up?

Your Asterio application is connected to Airbnb in 3 simple stages:

  • Create your host account: your host account contains all your adverts and room categories.
  • Create your adverts: add all the content that best describes your rooms (photos, descriptions, features, etc.)
  • Map your room types to Asterio: you can then adjust the availability and pricing of your rooms.

In Asterio, you can easily activate and deactivate the Airbnb sales channel at any time.

Asterio: exceptional connective capability

The Asterio Connectivity team is constantly working to bring you ever more online bookings... and make sure that those bookings slip into your planner automatically, without the slightest bit of effort on your part.

So don't wait any longer, contact us and connect your property to Airbnb.

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