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Hot topics - 15/12/2015

A look back at the shared training for SEH members

Formation logiciel hotelier winhôtel de Sequoiasoft, hotel software training

Sequoiasoft ran a shared hotel software training programme last June and November for SEH hotel staff using Winhôtel (InterHôtel, Qualys Hôtel, Ptit Dej Hôtel and Relais du Silence).

Three rewarding days

The three Winhôtel improvement sessions took place in Paris, Rouen and our Lyon office. Training participants included managers, directors and receptionists from eight SEH hotels.

Through demonstrations and practical exercises, participants were able to experience and appreciate their respective working processes. This was an event filled with encounters and exchanges.

Extract from the Winhôtel software training programme:

  • Taking a hotel booking (manual, automatic, quote), individual and group bookings
  • Advanced plan grid management
  • Online booking: publishing offers and rates, opening and closing distribution channels, receiving and keeping track of bookings
  • Fast handling of booking confirmations and entering deposits
  • Managing check-in and check-out operations
  • Manual and automatic billing
  • Functioning of the satisfaction survey module
  • Statistics: reading performance results and key hotel indicators

Couldn't make the training days? Winhôtel improvement sessions are available all year round. Get in touch for further information.