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Hot topics - 05/02/2013

Décisions HPA magazine: software for every type of campsite

Resalys optimises campsite booking and management

Sequoiasoft adapts to the profile of your camping business by offering a product named Resalys for campsite groups, as well as MySequoia software for campsites, aimed at independent businesses.

For the latter, Sequoiasoft has come up with a new solution dedicated to marketing and managing your establishment, indicates Cyrille Cottin, Sales and Marketing Director. "With MySequoia camping, look no further: you get a specialist marketing, management and operating software application." Sequoiasoft is another company that has succeeded in negotiating the combined challenges posed specifically by outdoor accommodation.

Sequoiasoft has its card to play as technology partner to outdoor accommodation professionals. "A basic internet connection is all you need to work from your computer. We take care of hosting, back-up and maintenance of MySequoia in our ultra-secure data centre... Or you can choose to have our box installed on site", highlights the software creator, adding, "MySequoia also offers online booking and E-TO connections to the main online tour operators in the sector".
The service includes assistance, training and prior setup, of course. It doesn't stop there, though; Sequoiasoft maintains the evolution of its products with occasional upgrades that include brand new features.

sequoiasoft software for campsite

Article from Décision HPA magazine, February 2013 special issue