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Hot topics - 09/10/2015

EmotionSpa Magazine: VitalSpa innovates with E-Nymphea Collexion online booking

innovation: Vitalspa launches E-Nymphea Collexion for online booking of its aquabike classes

The new season is one of innovation at VitalSpa, the new fitness/wellbeing centre at Bouc Bel Air in France, as they launched their new online booking system E-Nymphea Collexion on the 1st of September, enabling clients to book their aqua bike, aqua gym or aqua training session from their smartphone, tablet or PC - a first in the French spa industry.  

Vitalspa réservation en ligne spa et cours aquagym aquabikingDesigned to simplify the booking process, E-Nymphéa Collexion is a new and unique system, with 24/7 accessibility. Not only can members book their sessions, they can also make changes (subject to availability) or even cancel them up to 2 hours beforehand without having to call reception during opening hours. All bookings are processed in real time in Nymphéa spa software.

In total, over 50 aqua gym, aqua bike or aqua training sessions can be booked online per week, with flexible membership offering a choice of 12, 24 or 36 sessions.

"We wanted to offer our clients an additional service, facilitate the booking process and optimise our exchanges with them. It represents a big step for the spa world as it's the first time this system has been offered in France. We're celebrating the event with an exceptional 20% discount on our membership programmes," says Gilles Baudin, Manager at Aplus Tourisme & Spa.

About VitalSpa

VitalSpa is a spa brand devised and created by Gilles and Véronique Baudin, Managers at Aplus Tourisme & Spa, experts in spa and thalassotherapy for over 25 years. The company designs, builds and develops innovative projects and concepts for the wellness & leisure and wellness tourism industries, such as Vitalparc Lacanau (a multi-activity park based around a spa) and DaySpa La Roche-sur-Yon (an urban spa), voted Best Day Spa at the Trophées du Spa awards in 2014.