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Innovation - 03/01/2019

New in December

nouveautés de décembre 2018 - Sequoiasoft

Discover all our new in December 2018. For further information, your support team is waiting for your call.

Resalys neo v.8.4 

  • From the planner, taking a walk-in booking is now quick and simple.
  • Booking process: new Save button to save without quitting the booking record and without triggering any automatic actions (document delivery, debit orders, etc.).
  • AU type planner, product planner, contract planner: various improvements to the display and harmonisation.
  • MyReport: Axelliance generation of a file listing booking records with insurance.

Winhôtel v.17.2

Winhôtel interfaces with online booking solution iHotelier by TravelClick. Among its features:

  • 2-way connected interface with an upstream booking feed.
  • Online bookings from iHotelier are automatically added to the Winhôtel planner.
  • Down payments from OTAs are automatically recorded in Winhôtel (new!)
  • Room stock is sent from Winhôtel to iHotelier, along with bookings taken in Winhôtel for automatic stock updates.
  • It's possible to send prices by room category and online rate.
  • For hoteliers belonging to The Originals network: loyalty schemes are automatically included in guests' Winhôtel booking records.

Nymphéa v.

Upgrades have been made to Nymphéa software to help you comply with GDPR law:

  • Opt-in management for sales and marketing purposes (SMS, email, post).
  • On-screen advice and rules of good practice.
  • "Strong" password management as recommended by the competent authorities.
  • Anonymisation of the customer record.

Full documentation is available in the Nymphéa online help guide, accessible from the "?" menu.

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*These products comply with the NF Till Management Software certification label. These products are certified by AFNOR Certification 11, rue Francis de Pressensé 93571 Saint Denis La Plaine Cedex. The certification documentation can be obtained from Infocert.