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Innovation - 08/02/2018

New in February 2018

Sequoiasoft recrute

Discover all our new features in February 2018. For further information, your support team is waiting for your call.

NF-Certified Management Software

logiciel de caisse certifié NF525 loi de finance

Below is the list of versions that have obtained NF certification as Till Management Software* (NF525), in compliance with the new finance act applicable since the 1st January 2018:

  • Winhôtel version 17.1
  • Winrestau version 17.1
  • Nymphéa version
  • Asterio version 1.3.186
  • eSeason version 18.0

Resalys Neo version 8.3.30 is NF203-certified.

Resalys v. 8.2

  • New module for transferring products between bookings and extra sales.
  • Gateway with Nymphéa spa and wellness management software.
  • Changes and new features in the html planner:
    • Sorting by accommodation unit number only.
    • New presentation of unassigned stays on the right-hand side of the planner.
    • Display improvements: borders, blocks, scroll bars, repositioning of tooltips on the page, and more.
    • Option to show/hide allocated stock or unassigned accommodation units and save your preference.
    • Saturdays and Sundays are now highlighted.
Resalys Neo planner

Nymphéa v.

  • Stock management: for greater practicality, the last movement on the product card is now positioned at the top of the list. You can also filter by movement type.
  • Nymphéa Spa planner: you can display the resource code, name, or both.
  • New renaming functions for suppliers, families, sub-families, brands and operations teams.
  • Extractions: when exporting to Excel©, the filters chosen in Nymphéa are now shown at the start of the Excel© file (this function is not available from a saved request).
  • From the extracted file, you can filter out duplicate email addresses before sending to customers.

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*These products comply with the NF Till Management Software certification label. These products are certified by AFNOR Certification 11, rue Francis de Pressensé 93571 Saint Denis La Plaine Cedex. The certification documentation can be obtained from Infocert.