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Innovation - 14/06/2019

New in June

new in june 2019

Discover all our new features and upgrades made to our software since March 2019:

 Asterio v.

  • There's a new colour code for easily distinguishing between the test and production databases:
  • Asterio's performance and speed have been improved (planner display, access to the booking record, navigation, page loading, etc.).
Online sales:
  • You can quickly find a booking taken through the booking engine thanks to the booking number indicated on the confirmation page (post-payment).
  • Asterio now has a certified interface with Travelclick.
Front office:
  • Simplify check-out thanks to an automatic document display feature in PDF format. Invoices, tickets and bills generated will immediately appear on screen. They can also be displayed on a remote screen or tablet. This will allow guests to check their bill before generating an NF-certified Payment Management Software invoice, and printing it or sending it to them by email.
  • You can now "take over" a booking record that is blocked or opened by another user.
  • Payment cards are now available to view for 2 minutes rather than 30 seconds.
  • In Booking list > Arrivals, you can add the product details and pax type by selecting the corresponding tickboxes from among the available filters.
  • For your restaurant, you can now segment the report Sales & Payments taken by service.
Back office:
  • You can issue a till report at any time in Back office > Reprint the till report.
  • From the rate grid, you can close a rate for sale, for the booking engine as well as the channel managers and front office, while keeping the original rate in the database should you wish to reopen it later on.
  • Rate grid: you could already overwrite an existing rate by entering an amount (+/- €2) or percentage (+/- 10%) in the grid. Now you can also enter a replacement rate (€299 or even €0) for a channel (e.g. on certain days without it depending on the rack rate (or best available rate).
  • You can now change the names of sub-products to suit your needs.
  • Emails and document settings:
    • With Asterio you can add one or more recipients on blind copy to your emails. To do so, you just need to add one or more recipients (separated by ";") in the new "Blind copy" field in the document settings.
    • In Booking record details > Documents tab, you can add two attachments to your deliveries (e.g. the stay quote and the restaurant menu).
    • You can now add accommodation observations to your documents using a new tag. Get in touch with your support team if you wish to add the tag.

Nymphéa v.

  • Nymphéa Spa:
    • There's a new tickbox in the invoicing history tab for hiding cancelled accounting documents (invoices/credit notes, tickets/cancellation tickets/etc.).
    • It's now possible to consume deposits on an existing generated invoice or ticket.
  • All versions: in the expired gift voucher report, you can now see the amount expired and the breakdown summary.

Resalys neo v.8.4 

  • New tourist tax calculation method for unclassified properties.
  • Allocated stocks in contract folders: information added when the allocated stock is shared.
  • Day-end closing: closing is blocked if the operating date falls after the day's date.
  • Check-out tab of the booking record: the "view customer summary" button is still available even after check-out has been performed.
  • Resalys/Resalys gateway: the Tour Operator can now receive the rack rate.

  • Sequoiasoft draws on all its experience to relaunch, a directory based on a direct, commission-free model. This means campsites can boost their online visibility while reducing their customer acquisition cost!

For more information, our support teams are here to help.

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