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Innovation - 25/10/2019

New in October

New in october

Discover all our new features and upgrades made to our solutions.

Asterio v.1.4.164

Online sales
  • Asterio now has a certified interface with Airbnb for marketing and selling your stays on this world-renowned platform.
  • In the booking engine, the online customer's phone number is now requested for bookings made as a guest with no account. You can make this a requirement by ticking the box in the booking engine channel configuration.
  • Asterio now uses the phone number sent by to check whether a contact record already exists, in addition to the email address.
Front office and point of sale (restaurant POS)
  • Simplified product search:
    • There's a new search field to help you find a product in the front office sales screens.
    • You can add a new product search bar to your Point Of Sale module (restaurant POS). To do so, add the "Search product text" component to your touchscreen template in the settings.
  • A barcode reader is now available to use. You can quickly add a product to the booking record in the front office or to the bill in the Point Of Sale module.
  • There's a new icon that appears in the booking block to indicate that there are observations for the booking.
  • The amount paid and left to pay on the booking record have been added to the booking tooltips.
  • The split payment and issue proof of payment functions have been improved, while still being able to handle overall bills:
    • In the Point Of Sale module, you can divide one or more items between several split bills, then issue proof of payment.
    • In the front office, you can use the same function once the invoice has been issued, by clicking on the "three dots" at the top of the booking record.
  • The voucher field in the booking record details can be shown regardless of the contract. To show this field, just enable the "Voucher in the booking record" option in the activity settings (Companies > Activities).
  • Products from autobilling can be saved as "Complimentary/free" without deleting the initial product, without creating negative lines in the booking record and invoices.
Back office and reports
  • A new "Voucher" column appears in the list of debtors in the back office, as well as in the report Management > Debtors > Invoices issued.
  • Delivery scheduling: a new option allows you to automate the resending of the "Enter/delete payment" document.
  • It's now possible to set pricing rules over 35 days rather than the previous limit of 21 days.

Nymphéa v. and E-Nymphéa

E-Nymphéa - Online marketing

The online membership booking module gets an upgrade! In the new version, you'll find new features and optimised ergonomics for mobile. Here are the main new features:

  • A new zone advertising the day's upcoming classes.
  • The possibility to filter the class planner by time slot, activity type and activity.
    Fitness members can only see those classes included in their membership.
    A member who's only available late afternoon can use the filter to see only those sessions that are of interest to them.
  • In the mobile version, you'll see the current day and the next two days. A simple swipe of the touch screen will move you onto later days.
Nymphéa Spa
  • It's now possible to delete several membership consumptions at a time.
  • New access rights management for accessing the touch screen for selling treatments, packages, memberships and boutique items.
Nymphéa Thalassotherapy and Thermae
  • Remote billing slip simulation: the type of insurance and prescribing doctor registration are shown.
  • List of customers on site: inclusion of public holidays set for the activity.
  • Practice\Planner statistics: possibility to select the planner service.
All versions
  • It's possible to disable VAT codes.
  • Profit centre option: possibility to block consumption of deposits taken at another profit centre.

Resalys neo v.8.4

  • Now compatible with Salto access solutions (locks).
  • Veepee Orchestra gateway: Resalys sends descriptions, availabilities and rates for proposed destinations and retrieves bookings from Private Sales.
  • Compliance with the Italian fiscal administration: invoices are sent in XML format on a dedicated FTP server.
  • Siteminder Choice gateway: availabilities/rates/limits set in Resalys are sent and bookings retrieved automatically.
  • Issuing extra bills: if the address of the guest to be billed is not given, the address of the paying guest is used.

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