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Innovation - 09/01/2019

New in September

Les nouveautés de la rentrée 2017 Sequoiasoft, nouveautés de septembre 2018

Find out what's new in September 2018. For further information, your support team is waiting for your call.

Resalys neo v.8.2

  • Booking record: when the booking record has been paid in full, it's marked "settled" in the customer block.
  • Group booking records: shortcuts created to facilitate navigation between the master group booking and a group stay.
  • Meal planner: products over one day including a meal (e.g. conference, company event) will automatically populate the meal planner.
  • Housekeeping task settings: "Triggering action" option added to trigger a certain type of task when the stay is checked out.

Winhôtel v.17.1.2

  • "Resume" function added to printed invoices.
  • You can now edit or cancel a past line provided the period has not yet been closed and the invoice has not been printed.
  • Default customer assigned for manual restaurant bills.
  • Condensed bill printing is now available again.
  • VAT details are now shown beneath the package item lines on card receipts.
  • Following the changes for standard NF525, the fiscal invoice number has been added to the dashboard reports.

Winrestau v.17.1.2

  • Option to print provisional bills in A5 format.
  • Condensed bill printing is now available again.
  • The "Resume" button on invoices and tickets is now available regardless of the date they were printed.
  • Option to configure up to 10 kitchen printers.
  • In the list of customers and customer accounts, a filter has been added to run a search by customer name.
  • A new parameter has been created to assign a default customer to open bills.

Nymphéa v.

  • Nymphéa Thermal: prescribing doctor checked in the booking record (based on the number of days set and the treatment start date).

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*These products comply with the NF Till Management Software certification label. These products are certified by AFNOR Certification 11, rue Francis de Pressensé 93571 Saint Denis La Plaine Cedex. The certification documentation can be obtained from Infocert.