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Hot topics - 01/10/2019

Refer your colleagues and benefit from 2 months' free subscription

Sequoiasoft referral programme

Are you a Sequoiasoft customer? We're launching a referral programme.
Refer your colleagues and get 2 months' free subscription for each new client who takes out a Sequoiasoft solution upon your recommendation*.

You can refer up to 3 people, meaning up to 6 months' free subscription!

How does it work?

  1. Choose someone to refer.
  2. Invite your colleague to contact us upon your recommendation, or contact your sales representative on their behalf.
  3. The 2 months' subscription will be deducted from your invoices once the person you refer has been billed for the first time*.

Refer someone


* Referral conditions: 
Offer subject to conditions, valid in metropolitan France from 01/10/2019, reserved to Sequoiasoft clients currently equipped with Asterio, Winhôtel, Winrestau, CBP Hôtel, CBP restaurant, Eseason or Homing for a minimum of one month.
The client referring can refer up to 3 people. You can only be referred once.
The referral will be considered valid after the referred client has been billed for the first time.
The free months will be deducted from your next software subscription or assistance bill. 
All other products and services billed by Sequoiasoft are excluded from the offer.
The offer is limited to 6 months' free software subscription or assistance, based on the lowest monthly value billed (referrer or referee).