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Hot topics - 03/12/2015

Resalys and Winrestau at Campéole

Resalys et Winrestau chez Campéole

Resalys and Winrestau at Campéole. Campéole, the outdoor accommodation branch of Compagnie Internationale André Trigano, has finalised the deployment of Resalys marketing and operating solution in all its campsites and for its central reservation system. Over 60 Campéole destinations can now be booked online using Resalys.

By equipping itself with Resalys, Campéole has opted for technological performance, thanks to the software's functional breadth and agility - attributes that correspond perfectly to the group's strategy and operations.

In parallel, 18 of the Group's restaurant sites are equipped with Winrestau till software, another tool in the Sequoiasoft range, thus illustrating the complementarity of Sequiasoft's Resalys and Winrestau software.

About Campéole

Taken over by André Trigano in 1995, today the company offers 60 exceptional locations throughout France, offering all the conviviality that a camping holiday or weekend break has to offer.

Campéole, the first 3-star camping label in France, is well-known for the beauty of its exceptional sites in the heart of nature.