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Hot topics - 09/01/2019

Sequoiasoft among the Top 250 French software publishers as compiled by Syntec Numérique and E&Y

For the second year, Sequoiasoft has ranked among the Top 250 software publishers in France in 2018, organised by Syntec Numérique and Ernst & Young. Sequoiasoft occupies the 120th spot.

341 software firms participated in the eighth edition of the Top 250 software publishers, with a combined sales figure of 15 billion euros. In 2011, Ernst & Young and Syntec Numérique came together to compile a table by sector, with the aim of identifying the main players in French software publishing and the specific nature of the market.

According to this study, the revenue generated by French software publishers has increased by 1.6 billion euros between 2016 and 2017 (+12%). This growth is evenly distributed because the companies with less than 5 million euros in turnover recorded approximately 50% growth over two years. the results also show that the innovation driven by software publishers has an impact upon the economy and upon competitiveness.

Over the last few years, French software publishers have oriented their financial model towards the Software as a Service model (SaaS). It's the top priority for 43% of these companies, and 70% stated that SaaS was among their top three technological priorities. In 2018, SaaS represents 31% of the overall sales figure for software publishing.

There are two recognised categories of SaaS model: software publishers who switched from a Licence-based model to an SaaS model, and "native" SaaS developers, such as Sequoiasoft with its products Asterio and Resalys. Sequoiasoft has opted for the SaaS model since 2005 and continues in this trend with its new PMS Asterio.

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