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Hot topics - 22/02/2016

Sequoiasoft signs an agreement protocol for the acquisition of Thelis

Sequoiasoft signe un protocole d'accord acquition de Thelis leader logiciel camping

Thelis, subject to certain provisions (art L.23-10-1 of the French code of commerce), is set to join the Sequoiasoft Group, a major player in tourism software for accommodation, restaurants and wellness in France.

"By joining the Sequoiasoft Group, we'd be joining a powerful group (€18m turnover) that leads the way in most of its activities, and they'll help us maintain our international growth and develop new solutions aimed at actors in outdoor accommodation - a market they're already involved in. The Thelis teams in France and Spain are very enthusiastic about this new venture." Etienne Page – Managing Director, Thelis

Sequoiasoft is the French market leader in management software for accommodation, restaurant and wellness professionals. Its leitmotif is innovation: serving business and customer experience. Sequoiasoft is the fusion of ADN-informatique, SoftBooking and YourCegid CHR.

Sequoiasoft, based in Sophia Antipolis, Lyon and Chambéry, has over 35 years' experience in developing custom management software for hospitality, restaurant and wellness professionals. Thanks to constant innovation and a wealth of expertise, Sequoiasoft is now recognised on an international scale.

Thelis, based in Aigues Mortes and Barcelona, also has 30 years' experience developing management software for campsites. With over 2,500 clients throughout France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland, Thelis has acquired unrivalled know-how in outdoor accommodation, both in terms of campsite management and operating solutions and campsite service marketing and distribution.

The objective of this acquisition would be to create a major European player, to better cater for changes in the market. The challenges involved in outdoor accommodation are ever more complicated, in an ever more competitive environment where the arrival of OTAs is shaking up the market. Faced with such issues, and to better address customer needs, Thelis would be joining up with a powerful group (€18m turnover – 170 team members post-acquisition) that leads the market in most of its activities. Thelis and Sequoiasoft face the same challenges, as they are both focused on marketing (CRS - Central Reservation System) and operating (PMS - Property Management System) tourist accommodation. The two companies could therefore benefit from working together to offer even more innovative solutions to serve the changing market.

Sequoiasoft already has a strong presence in the camping world: its Resalys software is already used by various campsite groups such as Vacalians, Homair, Chadotel, Campéoles, Camp Atlantique and Cybèle Vacances; distributors such as Vagues Océanes, MisterCamp and Suncamp; and individual campsites such as Riviera Village or Les rives du Loup.

"We already have a strong presence among campsite groups and we'd love to be able to draw on the professional know-how of campsites to improve our products and offer them innovative solutions for marketing and distributing their stays," explains Patrice Guyot, Co-founder and President of Sequoiasoft.

This means that clients of both Sequoiasoft and Thelis would be able to benefit from new opportunities to develop their activities.

Sequoiasoft's acquisition of Thelis should take effect in late April 2016. The two companies would remain in their current locations. Thelis' management team would be associated to the acquisition and would continue with Sequoiasoft the adventure they began 30 years ago.

About Thelis

Thelis is the European market leader in online booking and campsite management software, with a turnover of 5.8 million Euros in 2014, 2,500 clients and over 725,000 online bookings taken using Thelis online booking tools. This means that Thelis managed a turnover of 460 million Euros in online bookings for its customers over the 2014-2015 season. Thelis' mission is to accompany campsites in the optimisation of their management, product marketing, development and customer loyalty. With 60 employees, Thelis is based in Aigues Mortes and La Rochelle.