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Hot topics - 12/08/2019

The Asterio team is with you every step of the way

The Asterio support service by your side

Asterio, the benchmark web-based software for hotels and restaurants, is brought to you by Sequoiasoft to help you optimise the marketing and running of your properties.

Our software has numerous features allowing you to grow your business and sales figure. To offer you the best possible use of our solution, we've devised a comprehensive guidance process, carried out by the Asterio team. Three services are available to help incorporate Asterio into your daily work and get the most out of it for your business: deployment, support and customer success.

Our deployment team installs Asterio and trains you to use it

Our training consultants are there to guide you when the software is installed. The first step consists in setting up the software while assessing the commercial side of your business in order to achieve the best possible configuration. This is the first contact you'll have with the trainer, establishing proximity to make it easier to install our solution. Their job will also involve connecting your OTAs to our software.

The second step, once the basic setup is complete, is for the deployment team to train you to use the software, either in situ or remotely. Thanks to their training plan, you'll get to see how Asterio is used to perform everyday tasks, and how to set your rates and your products for optimal and customised use of the software.

At the end of the training course, you'll receive a report with everything you've learned during the training, and access details for your customer area.

You'll also have access to the customer portal and support desk. This personal area is where you can make your requests for technical help or upgrades. They'll be processed and you can follow their statuses online and in real time.

Our Customer Success Manager assists you with your specific needs

For greater proximity and better handling of your requests, our Customer Success Manager has a further assistance role for your specific needs after the initial training.

During your initial training, our deployment team will have highlighted your needs or other essential details to optimise your use of Asterio. The Customer Success Manager will then take the lead with a more specific course that is adapted entirely to your everyday routine.

This role is the link between the different Asterio teams so they can keep full track of the specific needs and particular nature of each client.

The Asterio support team is on hand to deal with your requests

Our Asterio support team offers everyday assistance by dealing with your questions on the use or the functioning of the software. You can submit your requests in your customer area and follow their progress. They'll be picked up and dealt with as quickly as possible.

We can also be reached by telephone. Each call will be linked to a ticket on the customer portal where you can follow the progress of your request.

The Asterio support team is made up of hospitality professionals, to give you the best information possible and the best guidance in using our solution. The team takes pride in offering you a personalised service to help you in your daily use of Asterio.

Contact our support team on: 0806 000 210 (free of charge)

The support team is on hand to deal with your requests from Monday to Friday, from 7am to 10pm non-stop.

An out-of-hours support service is available on the weekend and public holidays on the same number: 0806 000 210.

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