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Hot topics - 03/05/2016

The Sequoiasoft Education programme wins over hotel and catering schools

programme sequoiasoft education

Over the last few years, Sequoiasoft has trained and equipped more than twenty hotel schools and training organisations all over France, thanks to the "Sequoiasoft Education programme". Prestigious schools such as the Institut Paul Bocuse and Ecole hôtelière Savoie Léman in Thonon-les-Bains already benefit from this programme.

The programme includes a hotel-restaurant education pack with Sequoiasoft applications Winhôtel and Winrestau, allowing future professionals to train to use a PMS in real conditions.

Thanks to this programme, students carry out practical work that's marked on their use of our hotel and restaurant software, and get access to all our software features. Certain continuing education organisations offer certification for our Winhôtel and Winrestau software.

Include professional tools in your curriculum

Teachers are placed at the heart of our education programme. They are trained to use and install the software. Two days are dedicated to functional training and one day is put aside for installation and setup training.

The objective of the Sequoiasoft Education programme is to give access to a working environment similar to what these future industry professionals will encounter during their career - and for a very attractive price. Establishments wishing to get themselves set up with the software may benefit from a special education discount of up to 90%.

Example of a "Hotel-Restaurant Pack"

  • Winhôtel software < 30 rooms
  • Automatic pricing module
  • Winrestau software
  • Winrestau Production printing module
  • Winrestau Advanced menu management module
  • Stock module
  • Accounting transfer interface
  • User licence (unlimited number of users)

Associated services

  • Assistance with unlimited calls and provision of updates
  • Installation with technical skills transfer (for network configurations)
  • A choice of courses adapted to your needs
  • A user portal, accessible 24 hours a day, giving you access to downloadable updates, assistance and a vast knowledge base (over 4000 answers).

Please contact our sales team for further information