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Hot topics - 29/04/2016

Thelis joins Sequoiasoft to offer campsites a comprehensive solution

Sequoiasoft signe un protocole d'accord acquition de Thelis leader logiciel camping

As of the 28th April 2016, Thelis joins Sequoiasoft, tourism software developer for the accommodation, restaurant and wellness industries in France.Thelis rejoint Sequoiasoft : editeur logiciels campings

Thelis and Sequoiasoft complement one another in their professional and functional expertise, in particular CRS (Central Reservation systems) and PMS (Property Management Systems) for marketing and running tourist accommodation.

The objective of this alliance is to offer customers solutions built on these synergies, improving quality of service all the while.

Benefiting from a clear vision of changes in the tourism market, Sequoiasoft has over 35 years' experience in the hospitality, restaurant and wellness industries.
The acquisition of Thelis boosts its strategy for the accommodation range with eSeason, Thelis Resa and Resalys, and helps provide for the whole camping ecosystem with restaurant and wellness products.

The Thelis and Sequoiasoft teams are very enthusiastic about this new adventure which will result in ever more innovative solutions for customers, to better adapt to changes in the market.

The objective of the acquisition is to create a major European player, to better cater for changes in the accommodation, restaurant and wellness market.

With 30 years' experience in the world of outdoor accommodation, Thelis has acquired unrivalled know-how, both in terms of campsite management and operating solutions, and marketing and distribution of campsite stays.

Sequoiasoft is already well established in the camping world: its Resalys software is used by various campsite groups such as Vacalians, Homair, Chadotel, Campéole, Camp'Atlantique and Cybèle Vacances; distributors such as Vagues Océanes, Mistercamp and Suncamp; and individual campsites such as Riviera Villages or Les Rives du Loup.

The common vision of Sequoiasoft and Thelis is to offer customers a range and a quality of service that meet their needs and expectations. Customer satisfaction remains the group's number one priority.

The two companies will remain in their current locations. Thelis' management team is fully engaged in the acquisition and is continuing with Sequoiasoft the adventure they began 30 years ago.

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