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Innovation - 16/05/2017

Welcome to Resalys neo, the new generation of Resalys software

Resalys neo

Twelve years after the launch of the first version of Resalys, Sequoiasoft unveils Resalys neo. The fully web-based marketing, management and operating software (CRS + PMS) for hospitality groups and chains has been completely redesigned to improve user experience.

Resalys neo is simpler, more accessible and remarkably more ergonomic. Let's look at the main new features:

  • There's a new step-by-step booking process that's smoother and faster, thanks to intuitive screens that summarise key information. Inexperienced users will find it easier to get to grips with!

    Resalys neo - guided booking process
    Guided booking process
  • Resalys neo crs booking
    Booking history
    The booking search function has been redesigned for ease of use. A booking history thread and a search engine give you quick and simplified access to booking records from the home page.
  • With its revised ergonomics, Resalys neo's new graphic interface offers an intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  • With Resalys neo comes the inauguration of the new html5 planner, marking a departure from Java technology. Your property management teams have an improved overview of all bookings.
  • Navigation within the software has also evolved, with a search engine connected to the menus. Users can now access all features of Resalys neo with ease.
  • Data is hosted in our secure servers, replicated between two redundant data centres and linked by dark fibre.

Finally, because nothing can replace the contact we share with you, our Support and Sales teams are always available for your call, offering daily guidance.

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