Balnéa centre thermal equipé du logiciel nymphéa

Balnéa Isabelle Flourette, Deputy Director at Balnéa

Balnéa, the first thermal wellness centre in the French Pyrenees, has chosen Nymphéa for its management and daily operations.

“We chose Nymphéa as it’s very simple to set up and makes our receptionists’ work easier,” highlights Isabelle Flourette, deputy director at Balnéa.

“Another advantage is that we can have custom modules developed to suit our needs. The frequency pass (a subscription available for 6 people at the same time, all of whom can come and go as and when they please) is a good example of that, as it was developed for our structure and now it contributes to our success,” concludes Isabelle Flourette.

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“With Nymphéa, there is no potential for error, as treatments are planned according to each therapist’s capabilities.”

About Balnéa

Balnéa is a thermal water wellness centre set in the heart of the French Pyrenees. Its offers treatments, baths and restaurants.