Valvital testimonial: Nymphéa software for managing thermal centres

Valvital Catherine RIAC, CIO at Valvital Group

Our minds were very quickly made up with Nymphéa thermal software. Most of the properties we acquired along the years already used the software to manage their thermal activities. By choosing to work exclusively with Nymphéa, we managed to harmonise the management system of the whole Group without forcing users to change their habits. That means a considerable amount of time saved.


Centralised multi-site management

We were the first thermal group to install Nymphéa on a single server. It was an ambitious project at the time, and it’s allowed us to make a lot of savings today. Our installation is easier to control and performs better: all of our thermal centres are updated simultaneously, and one colleague is responsible for the hotline at Group level. Our current objective is to use Nymphéa thermal software to optimise our resources, by setting up automated mailing to our clients.


Nymphéa accompanies Valvital in its growth

When we acquired Thermes Nationaux d’Aix-les-Bains, thus doubling the capacity of the Group, we needed a computer management system that’s both powerful and reliable. Nymphéa is a profession-oriented software programme, wholly conceived for managing thermal activities – and I’d go so far as saying it’s peerless in its category.


About Valvital

Since its creation in 1989, the Valvital Group has emerged as the 2nd placed thermal group in France, with an average development of +20% per year. Valvital was quick to distinguish itself by developing fitness programmes in parallel to its thermal activity.