Domaine Thermal de Mondorf testimonial: spa and resort management software

Domaine Thermal de Mondorf Thierry Omphalius, Administration and Finance Director

300,000 to 350,000 clients welcomed every year

Domaine Thermal de Mondorf was looking for a new access control system to optimise its flow of clients in a way that is comfortable for them. Thierry Omphalius, Administration and Finance Director at Domaine Thermal de Mondorf gives his account.

We were quick to seek out access control simply due to the size of the resort: we’re the biggest centre in Luxembourg and the surrounding regions. We started with a very basic device, before opting for a biometric system in 2005. It turned out to be badly suited to humid environments. We encountered more and more technical issues. It forced us to look for another solution capable of meeting the needs of our profession and our conditions.


Centralised access control

We turned to the Septeo Hospitality team, with whom we’ve been working for over ten years. We installed an access control system that covers all our activities, for the comfort of our clients: they receive one entry pass on arrival, thanks to the deployment of Septeo Hospitality software and its single client database that serves the whole of the resort.

Access is controlled using bracelets installed with waterproof Mifare chips, allowing guests to have their hands free – ideal for the bathing areas. Mifare chips are used worldwide, they’re reliable and capable of recording lots of different information.

Témoignage Domaine Thermal de Mondorf : logiciel gestion spa et resort

It’s a really flexible technology, giving us infinite possibilities. It’ll be able to adapt to our future needs.

Comfort and time saved

The main advantage is comfort for the client, without a doubt. It was the main reason behind our change of system. With one single pass given on arrival, every client has access to all the activities included in their package. They can also use it to pay for additional purchases at the bar, so they don’t need to carry money on them, which is very convenient in the wellness area.

On the staff side, customer management becomes so much simpler. We’re confronted with a multitude of customer types. The length of stay and requested services varies greatly. They all pass through the access control at some point. Now we can very quickly identify them and control their access rights throughout.


It’s all extremely slick now: the client is through in 1 to 1.5 seconds. Very positive!

The new system brought us greater productivity at reception, heightened security and, above all, increased comfort for our clients. We are entirely satisfied with the solution and it meets our specifications in full, without even mentioning the quality of the follow-up service provided by Septeo Hospitality.


About Domaine thermal de Mondorf

Domaine Thermal de Mondorf was created in 1847 around the thermal spring in Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg. The water plays a central role in the treatments and leisure activities offered at the 40+ hectare resort.

Infrastructure: a thermal centre offering medical cures; a wellness centre that includes 2 thermal water swimming pools,
9 saunas, 2 steam rooms, terraces and a bar; a fitness centre covering 1,800 m2; a spa with over 25 treatment rooms; a 3* and a 4* hotel; 2 restaurants; conference rooms, boutiques and a cinema.