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Hot topics - 26/03/2012 Booking software: a commercial weapon

Resalys optimises campsite booking and management

Day-to-day handling of bookings, schedules, invoices and all the paperwork related to your campsite: the answer to these inevitabilities can be found in campsite booking software, saving you time and bringing peace of mind.

Every day, the campsite manager has to cover all bases and keep an eye on everything at once - no easy task in the height of season, when faced with multiple demands.
With this in mind, campsite software is doted with modules offering additional solutions: online booking, connections to tour operators, plus an area linked to the front office via the access control built into the management software.

Booking software: practical solutions and serenity

In practice, campsite booking software allows you to create a guest record upon arrival, and the guest then benefits from personalised access means for the length of his/her stay. Other modules manage site access for cars and pedestrians, or pool and spa access using electronic bracelets. They let you scan a guest ID card, record takings at the bar and restaurant, etc. The aim of this software and the various options is to offer an extensive range, ensuring that the campsite manager's working day is no longer a headache or an ordeal. Freed from these often tedious administrative aspects, you get more time to deal with your guests' requests in the height of season, improving your service... and your turnover.

Questions with Patrice Guyot (Sequoiasoft)

Resalys automates the booking process and offers campsite managers a solution to optimise their schedule, save time and boost turnover.

What's the point of your software?
We optimise your schedule by placing the booking wherever it will generate the most revenue. It's like Tetris! It also helps you know what to sell, who to, at what price and what time. This way, all distribution channels are directed to the same place and the booking is made in real time, without any human intervention. The software also saves time on sales administration by verifying the checks, housekeeping management, occupancy rate; and it sends automatic reminders, immediate payments and more.

Who's the product aimed at, mainly?
With its depth, our software is suited to large campsite chains and small groups. But we're releasing a new product aimed exclusively at independent campsites. We'll offer continuous remote server management. We're not talking about a modular offer but a complete package.