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Hot topics - 19/01/2016

EmotionSpa Magazine: Thermes de Digne-les-Bains undergoes a digital revolution

Gestion rendez-vous spa avec E-Nymphea Collexion Sequoiasoft

2016 is looking digital for Thermes de Digne-les-Bains. The thermal centre has a long history with Nymphéa, the spa software developed by Sequoiasoft, and has chosen to roll out online booking module E-Nymphea Collexion in tandem with a makeover of its website, making it possible to manage spa and thermal appointments online.

Gestion rendez-vous spa aux Thermes Digne-les-Bains avec E-Nymphea Collexion SequoiasoftThe site, which it set to be unveiled early February, will enable online customers to book their treatments and purchase rituals, gift boxes and gift vouchers. The new, fully responsive site can be consulted from a PC, tablet or smartphone, and will be search engine-optimised and streamlined for spa appointment management.

E-Nymphea Collexion, a joint development by Sequoiasoft and Spa Collexion, synchronised with Nymphéa in real time, lets connected users consult all their appointments booked online or even over the phone. Another innovation is that clients can pre-book their thermal treatments and pay a deposit, giving them the chance to "secure" their pre-bookings.

Finally, E-Nymphea Collexion brings thermal centres targeted promotion possibilities for their Fitness Club & Spa area offers, and makes it easy to spread the word about commercial actions such as flash sales, discounts or special offers on less busy time slots.

"Thermes de Digne-les-Bains wanted to revamp its website and roll out E-Nymphea Collexion at the same time, in order to improve its Google© search results and please clients with a modern-looking site that’s easy to access.
E-Nymphea means maximising gift voucher purchases in a nice E-boutique that's directly linked to Nymphéa (which saves time for our receptionists, as they don't need to re-enter any information taken in Nymphéa).
Online booking of thermal activities with deposit-taking was something that existed already, but our teams would have to retrieve all the information in the booking each time. We'll also give our members the chance to book their aquagym times online." highlights Michelle Honnorat, Director of Thermes de Digne-les-Bains.

Published on 13/01/16 in EmotionSpa Magazine