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Innovation - 20/01/2012

Innovation: Nymphéa gets a new satisfaction module

logiciel Nymphéa s'interface aux logiciels hôteliers Sequoiasoft

Nymphéa innovation: the spa management software gets a new connector with Qualitelis to perform continuous collection of customer satisfaction data.

With this new solution, Nymphéa software users will be able to send out online satisfaction surveys to their customers automatically and access the results in real time. It functions in a very simple way: when the customer leaves, he/she is sent a questionnaire with personalised questions by email. The results of the questionnaire can be consulted online in real time.

On the Qualitelis dashboard, you can follow the progress of key indicators such as the satisfaction rate, the response rate and even comments, for effective implementation of actions (identification of unsatisfied customers, e-marketing campaigns, etc.).

With online response to dissatisfied customers (and a 75% recovery rate), and recruitment of Facebook "fans" among the satisfied customers, the satisfaction scale contributes to winning customer loyalty, and the number of customers recommending the establishment multiplies.

"In the past, a dissatisfied customer would tell 10 people, whereas a satisfied customer would tell 4 people. Nowadays, customers' opinions are seen by thousands of people online thanks to social media and customer review sites. Online reputation has really become a key factor in commerce. Using satisfied customers identified through satisfaction surveys as your online ambassadors is one of the most effective communication methods, and certainly the most profitable in the long term," explains Charles Bourdin, founding partner of Qualitelis.

Nathalie Poiroux, Training & Quality Director at Cinq Mondes adds: "since we rolled out the online customer feedback system, it has to be said that we know our customers and their expectations far better now. The high response rate that we get with the system (nearly 30%) shows us that our customers want to take part in improving our services, which is vital for us to be able to offer a service in line with their needs, which are constantly changing.
This tool has also become indispensable for dealing with dissatisfied customers and giving them a precise answer, and for the profiling of our database, which makes it a very profitable tool. To our surprise, the feedback tool is also greatly appreciated by our teams, who feel even more involved since it was installed.
Finally, at brand level, this kind of tool means we can put in place a realistic customer satisfaction scale that we use throughout the 5 Mondes Group."

Christelle Le Ho, Commercial and Marketing Director at had two priorities: "to systematically gather customers' feedback and to establish a satisfaction scale that's reliable and objective. Mission accomplished! The Nymphéa-Qualitelis innovation has turned out to be flexible in its use and we consider it a valuable and even indispensable tool in our customer relationship. Every opinion submitted receives a reply, and we pay special attention to clients who express reasons to be dissatisfied. If the service hasn't met their expectations, this solution gives us a second chance by letting us quickly deal with any degree of dissatisfaction with a personalised message. And when we hear out a customer's grievance, provided we give them a suitable answer that meets their expectations, that customer will come back to us!
On top of gauging customer satisfaction, we use the tool as a way of winning customer loyalty and involving our customers in the continuous improvement of our services. Our customers appreciate it and so do we!"

Nymphéa innovation with Qualitelis.