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Innovation - 07/03/2019

New in March

new in march : Sequoiasoft, Asterio, Resalys neo

Discover all our new features and upgrades made to our software between December 2018 and March 2019:

Resalys neo v.8.4 

  • Product packs: put together your packages with ease (rate per person) by linking any type of product: accommodation rental (the amount will be automatically divided by the number of occupants), insurance, lift pass (price adjusted automatically based on the age of the participant), ski hire (with choice between several equipment levels), meals, spa package, etc.
  • Renewal of the Computerised Accounting Software certification (NF203).
  • Group booking planner: lock one accommodation unit among all those held for the group.
  • Shopping cart mode appears in the back office in the form of associated booking records (one shared identifier for booking records from the same cart, keeping the principle of one booking record per destination/stay).
  • Duplicate clean-up in the customer database: based on current features, an import has been created for processing the order in which duplicates are cleaned up.

Asterio v.

  • Renewal of our Till Management Software certification (NF525)*.
  • The home page now includes 8 widgets, allowing you to take in your property's business at a glance: the day's activity, available rooms, room status, occupancy rate, bookings per channel, average room price and sales per category.
Online marketing:
  • Channel manager: deployment of the channel manager at several hotels, with direct distribution to, Expedia,, and comparison site Trivago.
  • Connection with partner channel managers: D-EDGE (Availpro and Fastbooking), Siteminder, ReservIT, Novaresa.
  • Booking engine: launch of the Asterio booking engine, a responsive booking engine that's fully integrated into your website.Booking engine asterio
Launch of the point of sale module:
  • Manage your restaurant activities with an opening till function.
  • Custom room plan, with an immediate overview of open tables and the number of covers, of the remaining balance on the table and issuance of tickets.
  • Simplified sales and payment-taking at the bar.
  • Intuitive order-taking at the restaurant.
  • Fast payment-taking.
  • Activity snapshot for checking your business mid-service.
Housekeeping module:
  • Fast entry of resource statuses (bedrooms, function rooms, etc.) in the housekeeping module, on your tablet/PC/Mac.
  • Real-time view of room statuses on the planner.
Front office:
  • Makeover of the booking record with fast check-in and check-out.
  • Addition of a new function that allows you to "replace ticket/invoice" directly from the booking record. 
  • It is now possible to give a coloured contour to the booking blocks. These colours can be set on the contact record, the booking channel or directly in the booking record.
  • It is now possible to confirm a group of bookings very quickly.
  • The customer record includes a detailed booking, billing and cancellation history.
  • New reports available: journal of free/complimentary items, INSEE record, list of daily items and summaries.
  • New "Customer Statistics" report: ranking of customers by sales, with the option to break it down by channel, contract, segmentation and sub-segmentation.
Back office:
  • New bank deposit module.
  • Ageing balance added for following up debtor balance.
  • Auto-billing: option to automatically insert items linked to the room, such as tourist tax or breakfast, based on the nature of stay.
  • New feature in the rate grid: option to create new rate grids based on the number of occupants.
  • Online reputation: one-way interface with our historical partners: Qualitelis, GuestSuite, Customer Alliance, Olakala, Experience Hotel.
  • Secure payment with Ingenico.
  • Export to accounting software applications Sage, Cegid, Quadratus.

Nymphéa v.

  • NF Till Management Software (NF525)*:
    • Renewal of our NF525 certification.
    • Signature of bills and pro forma invoices in the fiscal base.
    • "Company" box and Intra-com. VAT/SIRET fields added to the customer record in order to clearly identify professional customers.
    • New mandatory information must be entered for "company" customers (company name, address, postal code, town/city and intra-community VAT No.) in order to be able to issue an invoice.
    • Evidence documents updated.
  • Nymphéa thermal and thalasso: various improvements have been made to the display in full-screen mode.
  • All versions: Nymphéa is now available in German.

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*These products comply with the NF Till Management Software certification label. These products are certified by AFNOR Certification 11, rue Francis de Pressensé 93571 Saint Denis La Plaine Cedex. The certification documentation can be obtained from Infocert.