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Hot topics - 28/12/2015

As seen in L'OT: Resalys now offers mobile management using 1Check

distributeur exclusif 1check Camping

1Check is a mobile tool extrapolated from the hotel industry, whose purpose is to improve certain key aspects of running a campsite, utilising all the advantages of the internet: mobility, real-time information access, and traceability. 1Check is currently exclusive to Resalys campsite software and reserved for its network of affiliated campsites. 

The tool processes guest check-in/check-out, incoming/outgoing stock, housekeeping, incident management, lost items and staff checks, and reports back all statistics from these operations. It all starts with mobile guest check-in management using a tablet, reducing check-in time to a minimum, as soon as the main guest file is filled in.

logiciel camping resalys se connecte à 1check pour l'exploitation mobile des campings1Check is also a remote housekeeping management tool that lets you check the upkeep of all your accommodation remotely. The manager can find out at any time whether a mobile home is ready to rent out, in the process of being cleaned, or whether a technician is required to resolve an incident - all of this using a virtual map of the campsite from a central computer at reception. To make this possible, the staff member in charge of housekeeping or maintenance is also equipped with a smartphone for this purpose: he/she signals the start and end of the technician's task, tracking the time taken and the nature of the work.

By combining all this information, you get an overview of staff productivity, and you can deduce ratios such as average housekeeping or maintenance time and costs. You also get a better idea of incident trends, by accommodation unit type where applicable. Lastly, 1Check results in optimal management of your stock of consumables, letting you keep a continuous inventory. An important feature at individual campsite level... But this campsite software also offers statistical comparisons between different properties within a chain or group, for example, all the while keeping a centralised order system.

Interestingly, this product, which was initially developed for hotels, has been recognised by CARSAT (the entity in charge of pensions and occupational health in France) as a tool that reduces stress factors in the workplace. It therefore comes recommended, and in some cases the site may even be eligible for assistance to get set up. You will need to budget for €300 to €400 per month for the tool, according to your needs and requested modules.

Article appearing in L'OT edition 349, November 2015