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Hot topics - 12/07/2019

Sequoiasoft steps up its transformation with MBO Partenaires

Press release, 8th July 2019

The maker of marketing and management software for hospitality professionals is restructuring its shareholder base and beginning a new phase in its development. MBO Partenaires is taking the majority of the capital and joining the Sequoiasoft management, led by President Patrice Guyot, to organise the exit of two of the company's historical founders: Hervé Colly and Pascal Scoquart of M Capital and Siparex respectively. BNP Paribas Développement and Bpifrance Investissement, shareholders since 2016, are to renew their investment in the operation.

After two successful acquisitions, one in 2014 (the hospitality and restaurant branch of Cegid) and one in 2016 (the camping branch of DL software), Sequoiasoft is taking its growth up a gear with the launch of Asterio, the one-stop-shop software as a service offering all functions (PMS, CRS, booking engine, channel manager and more) to stakeholders in the hospitality industry (hoteliers, restaurant managers, spas, boutiques and more). This premium software solution will help Sequoiasoft consolidate its position as frontrunner and broaden its supply to a new customer base, namely top-end independent hotels. Sequoiasoft will also continue to play a part in the consolidation of the sector both domestically and overseas.

"I'm very happy to welcome MBO Partenaires to the Sequoiasoft team and to continue this wonderful entrepreneurial adventure with them. We share similar values and the ambition to grow through innovation and perseverance, whilst placing people at the heart of everything we do."
Patrice Guyot – President, Sequoiasoft

"Sequoiasoft is exactly the kind of company profile that MBO Partenaires looks for: a high-quality team with a solid track record, a major transformation project with big ambition, the ambition to be a key player in the digitisation of the hospitality industry of tomorrow."
Cécile Nguyen-Cluzel – Associate at MBO Partenaires

With 10% growth year on year, the company achieved a turnover of €21 mil. in 2018, with an EBITDA margin of 20%, and is now targeting a turnover of €30 mil. by 2022.

MBO Partenaires: Eric Dejoie, Cécile Nguyen-Cluzel, Raphaël Lahaye, Loïc Grimaud
Bpifrance Investissement: Arnaud Hilaire, François Picarle
BNP PARIBAS DEVELOPPEMENT: Valérie Breitenstein, Magali Verissimo

Transferring consultants:
- M&A: Cambon Partners (Morgann Lesné, Nicolas Pirot, Maxime Wuthrich)
- Legal consultants: Askesis (Bastien Bernard, Marguerite Luka, Evane Pereira-Engel)
- Tax consultants: Steering Legal (Nicolas Hallais)

Acquiring consultants:
- M&A: Clearwater (Octavius Mihaies)
- MBO Partenaires legal/tax/social consultants: Lamartine Conseil (Olivier Renault, Cindy Nlem, Emilie Renaud, Diane Dubail)
- BNP PARIBAS DEVELOPPEMENT and Bpifrance Investissement legal consultants: Nova Partners (Olivier Nett, Erwan Savoia)
- Legal consultants – banking documentation: Nabarro & Hinge (Pierre Chatelain)
- Financial consultants: KPMG (Philippe Blanadet, Pauline Pereira, Guillaume Gabe)
- Strategic consultants: Eleven Strategy (Ambroise Huret, Maxime Caro, Baudouin de la Morinière)
- HR consultants: Scopexec (Pierre Mage, Benjamin Roche)
- Other financial service consultants: NG Evaluation (Jacques-Henri Hacquin, Christophe Lam)
- Rate coverage consultants: Kerius Finance (Sébastien Rouzaire)

- Caisse d’Epargne Côte d’Azur: Jean-Christophe Calmels, Regis Bauche, Tony Kerdelhue
- Crédit Agricole Savoie: Eric Estra
- Bpifrance Investissement: Nicolas Bonnassieux
- Legal consultants: Nova Partners (Vanessa Alvarez, Magali Floris)