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Hot topics - 15/03/2016

Virus warning: our advice for avoiding Ransomware

Conseils pour éviter les virus ransomwares

Over the last few months we've been witnessing a resurgence in Ransomware viruses, mainly infecting PCs and more recently Macs since the start of March 2016.

Ransomware infects your computer via an email attachment (documents, photos, etc.) or via an invitation to download and install a plugin. It's important that you remain vigilant, as these viruses can get past your standard firewalls and antivirus software.

Ransomware works in a fairly uncommon way. Once installed, it encrypts your files (documents, photos, invoices etc.) using a unique encryption key, working in the background. The threat is difficult to detect and, as the name suggests, the victim of the virus is requested to pay a ransom within a given time in order to receive the decryption key.

conseils pour éviter les ransomwaresExample of a Ransomware message

Here's our advice for avoiding the virus as best you can:

  • Never open documents or other executables from unknown senders (or even if it's transferred via someone you know).
  • The same applies to chain emails with attachments.
  • Don't install any unnecessary applications, especially pirate versions.
  • Avoid attractive offers that offer to install an executable.
  • Always download your applications from the publisher's official website (and only if they're necessary). Stay clear of download sites and other torrents.
  • Close without accepting any pop-up windows that might ask you to install a plugin or an application when you browse the internet.
    To sum up: keep your wits about you!